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    Articles about how to make money and money making solutions THAT WORK
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      Articles and know-how to help you start and run a profitable business.
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      Small business and freelancing ideas, projects, networks. Money making solutions that work.
  3. Small Business Forum

    Discuss making money from bake sales to running a corporation.
    1. General Business Talk

      General topics about running a small business as a woman.
    2. Starting Your Own Small Business

      Would you like to start making money and don't know how? Ask for support and read what others have said about a business start up.
    3. Productivity, Legal Work, Accounting

      A business means more than working with your clients. Discuss here the legal work, accounting issues and other details about running your own 'biz'.
    4. Handling the Clients

      A business means working with a lot of clients. Talk about your experiences and tips to get better clients and provide the best products/services for them.
    5. Your Business Online

      Any small business needs an online presence. Learn how to properly set a website for your business, what mistakes to avoid, get inspiration and advice.
    6. The Working Woman's Life

      Being a business owner or a freelancer and juggling family duties is not really easy. Here you can share your secrets and learn how to be a successful money maker and also a good mother/spouse.